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To print designs where rewetting of a previously printed ink occurs it is often possible to replace one or more solvent inks or varnish with waterbased products. Solventbased ink market size, share global industry report. Gravure printing is dominated by solventbased systems. Printing inks are coatings which contain colorants inorganic and organic pigments. Gravure film weight and solvent based technology gives metallic inks the best. Waterbased inks have in turn introduced new classes of surfactants and polymers into ink chemistry. Solvent based flexible packaging inks flexible packaging has now become popular in various industries ranging from consumer products to industrial applications. Solutions for high quality water based flexo and rotogravure. Next generation of polyurethanebased inks opens up new. Hanns martin kaiser, head of technology flexible packaging emea at siegwerk. This has resulted in printing being used on many different surfaces ranging from aluminium cans and plastic bottles through to paper.

Polymers in solution, which improve pigment wetting and make resolubilising and cleaning easier. For gravure print we recommend 10% 20 % additive of varnish 9203 or 9200. Us20150090143a1 organic solventbased concentrated ink. The effect of ink temperature on solvent losses and print. The effect of ink temperature on solvent losses and print quality. Gravure printing inks market size, share, trends industry. Solventbased ink for industrial inkjet printing kao collins. Siegwerks new polyurethanebased pur inks for gravure printing deliver excellent print results, while also enabling printers to simplify portfolios, improve processes and reduce operational costs. The results sug gest that packaging and product printers could reduce solvent losses, and, in some cases, improve print quality by controlling ink tem peratures. The organic solventbased concentrated ink composition for gravure printing. Solventbased inks for surface flexo printing flintgroup. The choice of common solvent in gravure printing ink.

It is of two types including solvent based and water based. Solventbased screen printing inks marabu printing inks. Solvent based flexo and gravure printing inks chrostiki s. The first major difference between the use and performance of solvent ink versus water ink relates to the substrate. Due to excellent printing properties the printing process is not limited by the speed of the press high speed presses allowed. Pdf effects of different solvents to printability in. Image preparation cylinder preparation printing finishing gravure inks solvent based, water based gravure inks are fluid inks with a very low viscosity that allows them to be drawn into the engraved cells in the cylinder then transferred onto the substrate. Pdf rheology modifiers in waterbased rotogravure inks. How to convert your solventbased ink to waterbased ink. Highly concentrated, fast drying water based flexo and gravure inks from shamrock technologies produces a strong and glossy print consistently with each use. The major unit operations in a gravure printing operation are. The pigment wetting, the ink membrane leveling, the base material wetting, the adhesion are all closely related to surface tension in the preparation and printing of gravure printing ink. Folding carton packages, with and without an inner bag printing inks for food packaging the functions of packaging the packaging is the calling card of a product.

All though the main solvent in waterbased inks is water, there can also be other cosolvents present. Further study by the industry is needed to confirm these results. Promising government guidelines and appearance of medium and small enterprises in india have backed meaningfully to the solvent based inks market. Gravure printing involves engraving and uses a rotary printing press. Printing is widely used in our society to pass on information and to decorate objects. Based on printing technology, the global solvent based inks market has been classified into lithographic, gravure, flexographic, screen printing, letterpress, and digital. Effects of different solvents to printability in gravure printing. Finding its application for printing and fine line printing at high speed on polyethylene film, the gravure inks has created a wide market in the industry.

Includes all kinds of flexo and rotogravure inks and serving for packaging industry by supplying inks, lacquers and varnishes for printing on various kinds of printing materials as paper, cardboard, aluminium foil and all kinds of flexible films. Both flexographic and gravure printing methods are used for flexible packaging printing. Solvent based liquid inks toyo matbaa murekkepleri. Solvent based inks in different colors and patterns are applied to paper, plastic, film and foil substrates. Gravure film weight and solvent based technology gives metallic inks the best chance. The basics of flexible packaging printing flexography.

Nc based flexo and gravure inks recommended for reverse printing and lamination of oppopp, opppe and primed aluminium foil. New emulsions resin water suspensions enable new water based inks to be formulated, providing alternative solutions to solvent based inks and thereby limiting problems linked to the environment emissions of vocs and the safety of users toxicity, flammability, etc. However, the gravure printing ink market is projected to witness considerable growth owing to new cylinder and press technologies have reduced lead time and cut cost making it attractive to producers. They, too, are used in the food packaging seg ment, which is why waterbased systems must also comply with the eupia guideline and gmp. Gravure inks rotogravure solvent based printing inks. Designed for ink in plant production in combination with additives and varnishes. Finished products include all sorts of wrapping paper, wall covering, candy wrappers, flexible food packages, shrink labels, high quality magazines and many, many more. Solvent based inks are widely used in lithographic, gravure, and flexographic printing inks primarily due to their ability to dry quickly and ease of adaptation on various. All sheetfed flexography on board and all flexo printed newspapers are printed with. Manufacturer of gravure inks rotogravure solvent based printing inks, roto gravure inks, roto gravure printing ink and rotogravure water based printing inks offered by rupa colour inks, chennai, tamil nadu. In this process, the cylinder is flooded with ink, and the surface scraped clean to leave ink only in the recessed, image areas. A waterbased ink is an ink that has either the pigments or the dyes in a colloidal suspension in a solvent, with the solvent being water. Visit us today to learn how our ink stands out from the crowd. With these inks we can print on all types of flexo gravure printing presses.

Its necessary to formulate products able to obtain satisfactory. Printing on plastic films presents some inconveniences that are absent using the usual printing methods for paper or other absorbent surfaces. The latest evolutions in the formulation of flexo gravure inks mainly concern water based inks. Selection guide for solvent based flexible packaging inks. In solvent based inks, the various families of polymers cited above are used singly or as mixtures, depending on the application and the final properties required of the print. Pdf recently, water based inks have been of more and more interest to the printing and ink industry, because of their environmental benefits.

What the infographic above also shows is a direct comparison between the formulation of a solvent ink versus the formulation of a water based ink, and the reason this is significant is that you can see just how much solvent is replaced by switching to water based ink. For most substrates, solventbased inks are used, to allow adequate wetting and adhesion. Plastoflex series 92 are solvent based flexo and gravure printing inks for surface printing. Pdf effects of different solvents to printability in gravure printing.

The printing cylinder in the gravure process consists of a thin copper layer into which the. Pdf recently, waterbased inks have been of more and more interest to the printing and ink industry, because of their environmental benefits. Scrape excess ink from surfaces before wiping down. Water based pigment dispersons for the printing ink industry. Solvent based flexographic or rotogravure inks are formulated to provide good pinholing performance at highspeed printing conditions by combining the ink ingredients such the maronpierce mpf maximum packing fraction of the resulting ink is below 42 volume percent at a shear of either 10 reciprocal seconds or 2100 reciprocal seconds or both. Exploring the pros and cons of water and solventbased inks. Away from the surface tension can be used to adjust on the gravure printing ink. The product package includes a variety of standard ink series as well as a wide range of individually formulated and designed specialities. Neocel nc based flexo and gravure inks recommended for reverse printing and lamination of oppopp, opppe and primed aluminium foil. Gravure, like flexo, uses lowviscosity inks, nearly all of them being solvent based. Maraglass mgl is a solventbased, twocomponent screen printing ink for indoor decoration prints onto glass, metal, ceramics, chromeplated, and coated surfaces. Solvent based gravure inks inks for surface printing non hr a pet lamination inks. The inks include additives, which improve surface slip and abrasion resistance.

Offering increased flexibility, heubach pigment preparations streamline processes and the manufacturing cycle of water based liquid. Flint group packaging inks europe offers a broad range of solvent based ink systems for all packaging applications. Solventbased inks for the gravure and flexo processes. Waterbased inks in rotogravure printing are in regular production use in some packaging and speciality applications, such as sugar bags cf. If a high chemical or water resistance is required the printed ink film must be tempered for 30 min at 140c. Based on vinyl resins in conjugation with modified vinyl resins suitable for plain carona chemically coated pet film. This is brought to you as another fulfillment of our service to the industry. The solvent can not only dissolve all kinds of film formingpolymer and adjust the viscosity and rheology to adapt to the printing, but also have important influence on the quality of film. Solventbased inks, varnishes and adhesives as used in flexography and. Solvent based printing control instruments corporation. Packaging gravure printing problems and their solutions on the following pages, you will find the information on the most common packaging gravure pressroom problems, how to recognize them, their causes and how to correct them. Our solventbased tij inks provide new solutions to old problems encountered when printing on difficult substrates. The ink includes additives, which make imprints slippery and abrasion resistant. Pdf there are different solvents used in gravure printing inks.

India is one of the rapidly developing economies in the world. Oct 05, 2016 the surface tension is one of the inner nature of the gravure printing ink. Offering increased flexibility, heubach pigment preparations streamline processes and the manufacturing cycle of water based liquid inks, enabling you to respond quickly to. Waterbased inks are used primarily in the flexo process and in conjunction with absorb ent substrates paper, board, cellulose. Composition of polyurethane inks for rotogravure and flexography. Jun 03, 2016 however, for operations evaluating new processes or presses or considering new applications and segments, it is important to explore the benefits and capabilities of water based inks versus solvent based inks.

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