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We also offer accessible day tours for disabled travelers from reykjavik and akureyri. Oct 11, 2017 we were going to visit and explore reykjavik for a few days before leaving to explore iceland in a campervan. Quicker then the classic whale watching tour, only 2 hours from harbour to harbour. Whale watching reykjavik go on this whale watching reykjavik tour and meet the giants of the ocean in their natural habitat. In the winter, its a whole new experience with the fresh, crisp air and a lowlying sun casting a warm glow over the whitecapped mountains. The ultimate guide to iceland in april guide to iceland. Watch for minke whales, dolphins and humpbacks on a whale watching cruise from reykjavik, and take in views of the coast from an open viewing platform or an enclosed cabin. Iceland orca whale watching on snaefellsnes killer. Whale watching in december iceland forum tripadvisor. There are also great chances of seeing the sei whale, blue whale, killer whale and fin whale.

This is a small group tour only 12 person per boat with specially trained whale guide and certified rib boat captain. Going on a whale watching tour in reykjavik will definitely leave you refreshed. See the mighty creatures of the sea up close and personal with reykjavik sailors. In north iceland, you get even more hours of daylight.

Whale watching in reykjavik wildlife tours tips in iceland. April is often calmer than the winter months but you can still expect snow on mountain roads and storms although maybe not as frequently as in winter. Theres also some places for opportunistic whale watching while doing a. Reykjavik elding adventure at sea whale watching tour. Jul 22, 2010 from a whale watching tour by elding in reykjavik, great video. Already in april, more and more whales start to show up. Although there are usually lots of humpback whales already in march, the number of species increase in april. Get the ultimate whale watching experience during the peak season from april through october, when over 20 kinds of whale flock to the north atlantic.

A truly unique whale watching experience in the magical light of the. Which is when we have our summer solstice 24 hours of daylight. Seeing those beasts in all their glory is a magnificent experience. In winter you can also go on tours, but whale species are fewer and that narrows your chances of seeing a whale. Cetaceans often sighted are minke whales, humpback whales, sei whales, fin whales and blue whales. Baleen whales are a migratory species, and most travel long distances to tropical waters. Whale watching from reykjavik with special tours duration. Optimal time for whale watching the best time to watch whales in iceland is from april until september, when over 20 species of cetacea can be observed. Classic whale watching the original from reykjavik, reykjavik. Whale watching is operated from various locations around iceland.

Eve fanfest on 12th to 14th april brings together fans of hugely popular online game. See our selection of whale watching and puffing tours in iceland. Iceland unlimited also offers selfdrive tours around the beautiful faroe islands. Whale safari and whale and puffin watching tours in. The waters around iceland are the natural habitat of these gentle giants. But with almost everything else in the animal kingdom, there are seasons for everything and your best chances to get a glimpse on these majestic animals is from april.

Starting in reykjaviks old harbour, your whale watching adventure is located right in the city centre. The most notable of these are the harpa concert hall and conference centre and the sun voyager, a coastal sculpture that represents adventure into the unknown. Among them eight species are often spotted during the whale watching excursions. Reykjavik whale watching in iceland itsallbee travel blog. One stop guide to the best things to do in reykjavik. The whale watching season in iceland is really on year round although trips in the winter are more likely to be delayed or cancelled due to bad weather. Whaletrips iceland the best tips for whale watching in. Ultimate guide to reykjavik capital of iceland extreme.

Whale watching tours can be enjoyed throughout the year, but the season in which you embark on one will entirely shape your experience. Your tour includes free photographs of you and the aurora so you can remember this awesome winter experience forever. Whale watching tour from reykjavik experience the best iceland has to offer with spectacular whale watching opportunities. Iceland whale watching from reykjavik reykjavik, iceland. Book a small group whale watching in reykjavik with rib. Reykjavik has the natural advantage of being situated in the ideal location to see the giant marine mammals, as you can find many whale species in the nearby waters. Enjoy our whale watching from reykjavik tour and magical auroras northern lights tour in one excursion and save on both. As reykjavik continues to rise as a popular destination for travelers from around the world, more and more options are popping up for whale watching. This is fabulous for seeing the sights and traveling around the country.

Iceland is a great place to go whale watching and in total there are 23 differen. Book your whales of iceland tickets online and skiptheline. I went whale watching from reykjavik 5 years ago saw minke whales, and was wondering if it would be better in husavik. Cetaceans often sighted are minke whales, humpback whales, sei. Iceland on the web can plan you a very friendly and inexpensive package for whale watching in reykjavik.

By far the best time of year for whale watching in iceland is during the summer months, from april through september, when over 20 species of cetaceaincluding the orca, minke, humpback, and blue whalecan be seen in the north atlantic and arctic oceans. Here in iceland, the sun will set later and later during the evening the closer we get to the 21st of june. The specially modified whale watching ships and crew will take you out in search of a wide variety of whale species. April is the beginning of whale season in iceland, so be sure to book a boat ride from reykjavik or husavik. During the summer, wildlife in the bay is at its peak, with sightings of harbor porpoises and other whale species, including orcas and even fin whales. What is the best season for whale watching in iceland. Whale watching tour operator in reykjavik iceland elding. All year around whale watching tour from reykjavik youll be able to see a variety of whales by the reykjavik coast. Be prepared to capture a photo of the giant whales of iceland. Our whale watching boat, rosin the rose, offers an absolute innovation in whale watching adventures in iceland, it is fast and a luxurious whale watching boat, one of its kind in iceland, providing security and luxury for all. Whale watching tours are often combined with sea angling and puffin watching. In addition, we offer four destinations in greenland with round trip flights from reykjavik.

This website uses cookies to provide the services and features offered, and to improve our user experience. We only seat 12 passengers per boat, and each boat has a expert whale watching guide and captain on board. It might be quite difficult to catch them by camera i can say especially if the weather is not the best. Sailing out from the old harbor in reykjavik this whale watching tour gives you the chance to observe whales, dolphins and variety of other marine wildlife in its natural environment. Best whale watching tours for longer stays in iceland. I would say you should be fine but make sure you have enough time, that you rent a good car with good tires and follow advice and forecasts. Our specially made rib boats are made to get close to the whales, dolphins and puffins of the faxafloi bay. Whale safari iceland reykjavik 2020 all you need to know. The best season for whale watching in most parts of iceland is therefore between april and october. Puffin watching tours from reykjavik, iceland special tours. They are lurking around all year round though, i would very much like to point that out. Other species can be sighted too, for example the whitebeaked dolphin, harbour porpoise and basking sharks. Top 25 tourist attractions in reykjavik travel iceland duration. That means art, workshops, and performances connected to the theme of youth, events in libraries and many other public places.

Whale watching cruise if you find yourself in iceland in the summer months then one of the best things to do in reykjavik is to check out a whale watching cruise. Whale watching is a popular, cheap and fun activity to do in iceland. Please could you tell me, do the watch watching tours still run this time of year. Sep 22, 2019 whale watching tours are operated from the old harbour in reykjavik. In april, iceland experiences between and 16 hours of daylight, which is a significant change from the 20 hours of darkness during the winter months. Get the ultimate whale watching experience during the peak season from april through october, when over 20 kinds of whale. Join us on a icelandic whale watching tour from the old harbor of reykjavik. Whale watching reykjavik special tours updated march. Whales of iceland the largest whale exhibition in europe. Tips for traveling iceland in the spring the blonde abroad.

The best time for whale watching is during the summer months mayaugust when the whales are feeding and breeding. The north of iceland is known as the capital of whale watching. We rented an apartment right by the seafront in laekir and a short walk to harpa concert hall and the marina where the majority of iceland whale watching tours leave from. Get app whales of iceland the largest whale exhibition in. Things to do in iceland in april northern lights hunting in april in iceland visiting glaciers in april in iceland whale watching in april in iceland spot a puffin in april in iceland festivals in april in iceland aldrei for eg su. Whale watching in iceland whats on in reykjavik, iceland.

The high season for whale watching starts in april and lasts until midoctober. By continuing on this site you agree to our use of cookies. I have read that iceland only gets 4 to 5 hours of day light this time of year. Even in the winter time, iceland is one of the best places to watch whales. How to go whale watching in iceland whats on in iceland. Puffin and whale watching tours in iceland iceland advice. Only 12 people per boat with expert whale guide and rib boat captain. The whales most frequently seen on tours with elding are the minke whales, humpback whales, dolphins and porpoises other speces are sometimes spotted. The cookies used on our website do not collect any personal information about you.

At least one of the reykjavik whale watching operators publishes their trip diary on the web, so you can read their trip diary for last september and see just what it was like, how many trips were cancelled due to rough seas, how many whales they saw and of what kind. Just enjoy the moment of your whale watching adventure. This whale watching tour departs from the old harbour centre of downtown reykjavik which is just a few minutes walking distance from most hotels in reykjavik. Whales of iceland reykjavik 2020 alles wat u moet weten. Legendary krona conversions kick in as soon as you touch the tarmac in iceland airport transfers to reykjavik cost from alone grayline. It is a great sea excursion that will leave you amazed. Whale watching tour from reykjavik, iceland arctic adventures. Everything about whale watching in iceland and whaling. Does anyone know how good the whale watching is out of reykjavik at that time of year. Whale watching reykjavik tours, iceland special tours. Whale watching in iceland is becoming more and more popular.

On this whale watching excursion you will be able to get up close to some of icelands amazing wildlife. Whale tours can best be taken starting at husavik or the snaefellsnes peninsula, but tours are also offered starting from the capital reykjavik or from akureyri close to husavik. Reykjavik childrens culture festival is held on the 17th to 22nd april. We are thinking of visting iceland the end of december. Whale safari iceland reykjavik all you need to know. Humpback whales, minke whales, dolphins, porpoises, and orcas are common in the full bloom of spring. Besides the whales, you can also find some of the worlds most beautiful sea birds and other water creatures while cruising. However, many whales stay in the icelandic waters throughout the year. The 10 best things to do in reykjavik april 2020 with. Im going back to iceland end of april, and ill be in akureyri for a few days, then back to reykjavik. The whales that we can spot on our tours on faxafloi bay are mainly 4 types minke whales, whitebeaked dolphins, harbour porpoises and humpback whales.

The puffin watching tours with special tours, puffin express, have been popular for over 20 years. Whale watching in reykjavik iceland on the go tours us. Of course i would love to see some orcas, but realize the timing. There are many whale watching companies that will help you see the massive sea animals in their natural habitat. The easter whale watching has been excellent the last few years. Whale watching in iceland excursion disney cruise line. Reykjavik whale watching 2020 all you need to know before. Which is the better place to go whale watching from. Whale watching reykjavik special tours all you need to.

Whales of iceland uses cookies to give you the best experience when you visit our website, whalesoficeland. The focus is naturally on the giants of the sea and we hope to see minke and humpback whales, harbour porpoises and whitebeaked. Our great experience, and especially designed boat, skulaskei. Whale watching in reykjavik centre, reykjavik my guide. Whale watching tour from reykjavik must see in iceland.

Whale watching from reykjavik is a popular tourist activity in reykjavik and most tours depart from reykjavik old harbor. An exhilarating express tour starting from the old harbour in reykjavik everyday from 15 april to 31 october. Elding is the original whale watching tour operator in reykjavik iceland, offering also sea angling, puffing watching and northern lights tours. Whale watching season is from april to midoctober with a peak in june. Speedboat whale watching in reykjavik guide to iceland.

Which is why most northern lights tour operator stop hosting tours on the 15th of april. The whale watching season in iceland is really on year round although trips in the winter are. So the best time for whale watching is usually from march september simply because of the weather. I would say, put the camera down and dont try to capture the moment for instagram. Iceland unlimited offers private day tours, guided group tours and highquality selfdrive tours around iceland. The most common sightings include dolphins, humpback whales and on rare occasions, minke whale and killer whales. The good thing about whale watching from reykjavik is that you dont have to go far to spot whales and they are spotted in almost. Whale watching usually happens between the months of april and september when more than twenty species of mammals are basking in icelandic waters.

Iceland the best tips for whale watching in iceland whaletrips. The best chances to see whales in iceland are in the summer months, april september, and this great whale. Whale watching in september iceland lonely planet forum. The success rate of the summer tours is over 95%, in the north, this is even higher at 98%. In addition to the humpback whale and dolphins, minke whales and harbour porpoises are frequently spotted in the bay. Visit the whales of iceland exhibition with lifesized models, an interactive installation and virtual reality experience. Most of the whale watching tours sail out from the old harbour in reykjavik as well as neighbouring areas in reykjanesb. Our skilled whale watching guides will introduce the whales in general, describe the whale species we encounter, and tell us interesting stories about them. Whale guarantee if we find no whales on your tour you get a free return ticket on the classic whale watching tour. Before going out in hunt of whale, dolphins and birdlife, you will rush by some of the major attractions of re read more ykjavik. Whale watching reykjavik special tours 2020 all you need. On a whale watching tour from reykjavik with special tours wildlife adventures you will be able to experience some of icelands rich and thriving bird life, as well as visit our large variety of sealife, including minke whales, humpback whales, harbour porpoises and whitebeaked dolphins among other whale species. Whales and dolphins are at their greatest numbers during the summer months between april and october when the marine beasts come to feed on the plankton that thrives on the nutrientrich deposits of icelands bays. First off, is there any possibility of seeing whales around reykjavik that time of year, or would you have to travel to another region.

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